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DARVA Hosting: standard or customised hosting solutions

All the requirements of a state-of-the-art data centre with local service.

What are the benefits?

DARVA Hosting is suitable for all companies that want to securely host their data and/or IT infrastructure.

High-end infrastructure

Managed by experienced outsourcing professionals.

Strategic location

In Niort, in the heart of the economic hub of the West coast, for a real Made in France alternative.

Ultra-secure hosting

With strict standards, permanent physical protection and controlled infrastructure management.

Accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

With a multi-operator team at your disposal

Cost rationalisation

Save money on protecting your infrastructure, with optimal security.

Service adaptability

To host all or part of its IS, from colocation to private suite, via dedicated space.

Three tailor-made solutions


Security without compromise for moderate hosting needs.
Shared colocation
In a shared, air-conditioned cage in a clean room, with the same advantages as a highly secure infrastructure!
Available by the rack or ½ rack (42 units)
Customised electrical delivery
Fire security
Traceability of shared access
24/7/365 access
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Dedicated space

The ideal service to combine autonomy and security.
Optimal security
Same services and security as our “Private Suite” and “Colocation” hosting services.
Surface areas from 30m2 to 80m2
Clean room
Access management and traceability
Access restricted to authorised staff, with full traceability.
Dedicated telecoms cabinet
Dedicated electrical panels
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Private Suite

Maximum space for data sustainability.
Optimal security
Same services and security as our “Private Suite” and “Colocation” hosting services.
Surface areas from 80m2 to 200m2
With the possibility of subdividing these spaces.
Clean room per tenant
Space available
Each tenant can install their own racks and equipment according to their needs.
Maintenance and technical infrastructure
Provision and maintenance of the technical infrastructure in the room (fire detection, air conditioning, electrical supply, access control, surveillance).
Stand-alone services
Total independence from other customers, fire safety, climate management and dedicated, autonomous electrical panels.
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Security guaranteed!

Physical protection

Screened enclosure, video protection, armoured doors, 24/7/365 on-site surveillance and access tracking.

Fluids and electricity

Redundant power supply and air conditioning. Doubled and separated piping.

Internet access

Provision of shared bandwidth.

Infrastructure management

Air-conditioning and ventilation, room air control and ventilation system, anomaly alert, fire detection and extinction (centralised management).