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An involved and committed team

Growing with the advantages of a modest-sized company: the key to innovating with agility!

This is one of the founding elements of DARVA: its 184 employees are true ambassadors of the brand and contribute on a daily basis to bringing its culture, commitment and ambitions to life.

We encourage initiative and everyone’s expertise is constantly valued and enriched through numerous projects and sustained training programmes. Team spirit, which is essential to all our activities and mobilising employees over time, is cultivated through events that bring us all together.

The Management Committee

Christian Garrez - Chairman of the Executive Committee
Chairman of the Executive Committee Christian GARREZ

Member of the Executive Committee and the Management Committee, Christian has been leading the company since 2017, with the ambition to continue transforming the company to contribute to the digital transformation of the insurance sector with innovative offers.

Anthony Charles - Marketing Director
Marketing Director Anthony CHARLES

Anthony is in charge of DARVA marketing and developing relationships with the DARVA ecosystem (partners interfaced with DARVA platforms or innovative stakeholders who enhance our solutions).

Mathilde Collas - Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Manager Mathilde COLLAS

Mathilde is in charge of the company's HR policy and its implementation. She is also in charge of internal communication.

Romuald Brottier - Director of the Solutions Department
Director of the Solutions Department Romuald BROTTIER

Romuald leads the functional design and development of DARVA products and customer applications related to the company’s key sectors (Motor, Home, Marketplace tools and Internal and Cross-functional Applications).

Dominique Le Calvez - Director of Strategy and Services
Director of Strategy and Services Dominique LE CALVEZ

As a member of ExCom and ManCom, Dominique manages commercial and legal activities as well as the management and deployment of customer projects. He is also in charge of communication and partnerships.

Sophie Chabanne - Sales Director
Sales Director Sophie Chabanne

Sophie is in charge of customer relations and partners through our commercial activities.

Hervé Giroire - Administrative Secretary General
Administrative Secretary General Hervé GIROIRE

Hervé is in charge of Human Resources, Financial and General Services and the continuous improvement of the company's processes.

Benoit Dufour - Head of Risk Management, Security and Internal Control
Head of Risk Management, Security and Internal Control Benoît DUFOUR

Benoît is responsible for identifying and dealing with risks and implementing the internal control system. He also supervises the CISO and the business continuity plan.

Cyrille Salmon - Chief Technology Officer - Directeur du Département Production & Architecture
Chief Technology Officer Cyrille SALMON

Cyrille manages the Architecture & Databases, Infrastructure, Office & Network, Operation, Management & Support departments.

The tasks of the Management Committee

Take the necessary decisions to achieve set objectives.
Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of decisions taken.
Monitor compliance with our customer commitments and improve our processes.
Report to the Members on the proper running of the company.

The tasks of the Executive Committee

Manage and administer the business.
Set operational objectives.
Develop strategic objectives in collaboration with the Supervisory Committee.
Report to the Members on the proper running of the company.