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Idigo: the management tool for service provider networks

Idigo is the DARVA repository for claims management service providers.

This directory, unique in France, makes it possible to provide principals with up-to-date data on claims management service providers, for qualified contact between insurance and assistance providers.

The partner companies can autonomously and centrally update the information about them in addition to the administrative data that is automatically supplied.

What are the benefits?

Idigo is the only repository in the market and is the foundation for innovative solutions.

Facilitating management

With intuitive provider management for DARVA customers.

Improving sharing

With better communications and quality informations to strengthen the relationship between providers and insurers.

Optimising handling

To make policyholder handling processes more efficient with centralised access to reliable contact and opening information.

Idigo repository features

Simplified administration of the provider database for insurers

General information about service providers is pooled and kept up to date by DARVA (SIRET, administrative and workshop postal addresses, telephone/e-mail/fax contact details, RIB/IBAN bank details, holidays and opening hours, etc.), which thereby pools the effort for all insurers.

Immediate retrieval of complete data for newly registered providers

By adding a new provider to its approvals, the insurer can immediately retrieve all relevant background information from DARVA’s resources.

Updated records for professional network managers at the click of a button

Total simplicity for managers of a network of service providers who can now manage their entire professional network by communicating information to insurance companies from the Idigo repository.

For providers, a single listing for several types of insurance

A single space to manage your relationship with several insurance companies, with a single information input (holidays, opening hours, bank details) and vigilance documents (Kbis extract and URSSAF certificate) to avoid being contacted by insurance companies.

A constantly evolving solution

DARVA is constantly adapting its product to its users and to new stakeholders integrating the Idigo solution. It makes frequent improvements and adds new features co-constructed in multi-disciplinary working groups with users.

The strengths of the service provider directory

Centralised access to useful information from your approved providers
Data kept up to date by DARVA at all times
Add a new provider in just a few clicks
Centralised and easily retrievable vigilance documents