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Our solutions - Health flow management

Imedi: exchanging health data securely

DARVA provides tools to facilitate the exchange of data between the different IT systems of healthcare providers.

The advantages of the Imedi platform

DARVA handles all market standards and offers its partners the possibility of using its own messages for a compatible and structured package. Each year we handle more than 40 million health-related messages.

A single point of connection

To be in contact with all corporate partners (Mandatory Schemes, Technical Hub Providers, etc.).

A single standard for all stakeholders

Four DARVA messages cover the multiple standards used by the mandatory schemes and health professionals.

Simplifying administrative procedures

On request, DARVA will take care of the application process and organise the launch.

Following-up on exchanges

On behalf of the user, DARVA monitors all exchanges with its contacts, ensuring that messages are correctly sent and received.

Noemie - complementary organisations

This DARVA service enables “image statements” to be sent between the mandatory schemes and complementary organisations via the Imedi health platform.

Sesam Vitale flows

This DARVA service enables Electronic Reimbursement Requests (ERR) to be routed from health professionals (radiologists, physiotherapists, nurses, etc.) to complementary schemes.

Third-party payment flows

Via the Imedi platform, DARVA ensures the delivery of invoices from healthcare professionals (dentists, laboratories, opticians, etc.) to complementary organisations within the framework of third-party payments.

Bank flows

With this service, DARVA offers its customers the ability to securely send their transfer and direct debit orders to partner banks. After processing, the banks acknowledge or reject the flows via a return message to the customers.

Transfer of flows

DARVA is responsible for exchanging various files between health stakeholders (e.g. FAC/FVI file between the compulsory and complementary schemes).

Automated cancellation of HEALTH policies

OREA is a digital solution for generating and receiving cancellation requests in B2B with optimal traceability.
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